Moore Research Group hosted another successful “Are You Gellin’?” booth at the 2019 Virginia Tech Science Festival.
The MoRG won first place in the costume contest at the 2019 MII Halloween Party for dressing as Toy Story!
Glenn, Garrett, and Christy visit the Advanced Photon Source in June 2019 to conduct Ultra Small X-Ray Scattering experiments.

The MoRG does some group bonding at a Salem Red Sox game in summer 2019!

Moore Research Group as “The Price is Right” game show at the 2018 MII Halloween Party.

Moore Research Group Christmas party at Dr. Moore’s house in winter of 2018.

Melissa and Lin visit P&G in Cincinnati, OH for a poster session during Summer 2018.

Christy with her mentors in the Advanced Materials Division at 3M over her internship in Summer 2018.

Lindsey wows a K-5th grade audience with a chemiluminescence experiment at the SMWV Science Girls Camp 2018.

Sam conducting USANS/SANS experiments at the J├╝lich Center for Neutron Science at Technical University of Munich in Garching, Germany.

Sam and Kristen teach visiting elementary school students about different types of gases.

Moore group undergrad, Peter Moburg discussed his poster on blocky sulfonated polystyrene with the Dean of the College of Science.

Lin, Sam, Christy, and Kristen representing the MoRG at the 2018 Chemistry Graduate Recruitment Weekend.

Group dinner at Pat O’Briens on Bourbon St. in New Orleans during the Spring 2018 ACS National Meeting.

Some of the Moore group exploring the Jean LaFitte National Park to see some alligators during downtime at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.

Sam, Kristen, and Melissa checking out Jackson Square and enjoying some beignets during the 2018 Spring ACS National Meeting in New Orleans.

After completing 72 hours of beamtime at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Lab in February 2018.

Our groups’ favorite part of visiting the synchrotron at ANL: the tricycles.

Moore group enjoying a traditional Chinese lunch at Hunan King in Blacksburg.

Dr. Moore, Kristen, Sam, Lindsey, Christy, and Melissa getting a bird’s-eye view of the snow-covered synchrotron at Argonne National Lab.

Kristen teaching kids all about gels at the 2017 Virginia Tech SciFest.

Moore group hosting a gel themed activity table at the 2017 Virginia Tech SciFest.

Moore Research Group dressed up as crayons for the 2017 MII Halloween party.

Our senior design team receives their award from the ASM International Design Competition at the MS&T meeting in Pittsburgh, PA.

Sam Talley (front and center) attended the National School on Neutron and X-Ray Scattering at Argonne National Lab and Oak Ridge National Lab over summer 2017.

Lindsey and Sam were a part of group of eight VT students that hosted a student symposium at the Fall 2017 ACS National Meeting.

Lindsey and Sam take a tour of the Capitol Building hosted by BASF at the 2017 ACS National Meeting in DC.

Christy, Dr. Moore, and Lindsey attend a dinner boat cruise hosted by Waters Corp. and TA Instruments at the ACS National Meeting in DC.

Kristen, Lindsey, Christy, Lin, and Greg at the Fall 2017 ACS National Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Kristen, Dr. Moore, Lindsey, Sam, and Lin at the Fall 2017 ACS National Meeting in Washington, D.C.

Christy and Melissa tour the 3M Innovation Center after their meeting with our 3M project sponsors in St. Paul, Mn.

Our Summer 2017 REU student, Jason Linn, presents his research at the REU Symposium.

The group enjoys a summer trip to hike Sharp Top Mountain right outside of Roanoke, VA in summer 2017.

Moore Research Group at 3,800 ft at the top of Sharp Top Mountain.

Lin, Christy, Lindsey, and Kristen talk about our research at the 2017 Virginia Tech Chemistry and Macro program recruitment weekend.

Christy casting perfluorinated ionomer membranes on our Elcometer automated casting table for membrane morphology-property studies.

Spending a day in Napa, CA before the 2017 Polymers for Fuel Cells, Energy Storage & Conversion Conference.

Probing hierarchical macromolecular structures at the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Lab in Lemont, IL.

Dressed up in our group Halloween costume as the “Moore-ority” for the 2016 MII Halloween Party.

Riding tricycles around the Advanced Photon Source at Argonne National Lab.

Samantha Talley spending a few days at NASA Glenn Research Center working with collaborators on PEEK aerogels.

Kids learn about polymer gels at the Moore Group booth at the 2016 Virginia Tech SciFest.

Taking a break from the Fall 2016 ACS National Meeting in Philadelpha to watch a Phillie’s game.

Sam and Lindsey attend a dinner cruise hosted by Waters Corp. during the 2016 ACS National Meeting.

Ted shows how balloons shrink with liquid nitrogren at a homeschool outreach event in 2016.

Kristen volunteers as an instructor for the STEM girl’s camp at the Science Museum of Western Virginia. Here she is demonstrating the properties of polymer gels.

Moore group dressed as the “MorGue” for the MII Halloween Party in 2015.

Greg attending scattering school in 2015.